14 Amazing Tips to create successful Online Store in 2020

To create an online store is easy as you just have to sign up on multiple platforms – use certain plugin and list a product you want to sell online.

But is it really that easy to create a successful online store?

Definately. No.

To have an online store that is really successful for a long time is totally a distinct thing.

You need to get a proper detailed plan in accordance to build an online store.

Now as more and more consumer are shifting their behaviour to shop online.

It has become crucial for the online store owners to have a store that provides the customers with the best services and is easy to found.

Yet, there are some other ways also to make your online store successful with no enormous amount.

To make your online store become favorite by your targeted audience. I have searched for some useful Tips to Create a Successful Online Store.

But wait. Before you get on to the read Tips to create online store.

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Let’s Begin.

Amazing Tips to create successful Online Store in 2020

Understand the Market

Before you create your online store, you need to first understand the Market by answering the below questions i.e.

Who is your competitor? What is your targeted audience? Where your Target audience lives? Which platform they are active on?

Once you have answered all these questions, you can create your own detailed kick-ass plan of how to create an online store and what strategies you can really start with.

Choose Product wisely

Another tip to have a successful online store is to choose the products wisely.

Before you think to open an online store, you need to make sure that there is a potential market for your products.

You can also know the potential products trending online with the help of Google Trends.

Or you can do some other online research that your targeted audience is buying online.

Get the Best Domain and Hosting Provider

Choose the Domain name easy to remember i.e short, simple and unique.

In case, if you have owned no domain name. You can look for the availability of the domain name below.

Just type in with the name you want to create a domain and select the domain extensions.

You can choose the domain extensions with .com, .in, .online and so on.

Once you have chosen the domain name, it is time for you to choose the Hosting Provider.

It is better to choose the Hosting Provider that provide high loading speed, Easy to use, High security, and much important to provide the hosting in affordable prices.

I would suggest you to buy Hosting from Bluehost. As it provide hosting with all the points mentioned above.


If you need help to Buy Web hosting from Bluehost. You can refer to my article 5 Simple Step to Buy web Hosting from Bluehost

Engaging web design

Your website design plays important while you create an online store.

It doesn’t matter if you have a website with the best products in your niche – if your store’s web design is lousy; it dooms your online presence.

According to the Kissmetrics study, 93% of online shoppers first consider visual appearance when making an online purchase.

Click on the Image to see larger view:

engaging web design - ecommshala
Source: Neil Patel

Thus, from the data mentioned above in the Image, we can analyze that website design should be able to capture the audience’s attention.

24*7 customer support

Most of the customers online now prefer to make a purchase, if there is a proper solution after & before the purchase.

Providing customer support will convert your potential buyers into loyal and returning customers.

One of the most comprehensive, helpful types of support that you can provide to your customers is a Live chat feature that will work 24*7.

This feature will not only give potential customers but will also increase your site wide conversion.

Other than live chat, you also provide the regular email, phone number and FAQ’s to keep your audience satisfied with your services.

Provide Cod & Popular Payment options

Online store is incomplete without payment option. You can either provide COD or Popular payment options for your customers so they make an easy purchase.

It would be beneficial for you to provide your online sellers with the account in your store so they can provide their own payment information.

Here are some recommended payment option: Paypal, Google Pay, Paytm etc.

Show case your Products on Social Media

No one will ever know your online store, if you are not available on Social Media.

With the increase in the number of social media users. It would be beneficial for you to create your own social media profiles and display the recent arrival, offers, discount, giveaways and other so social media.

You can create your Instagram Page, use Whatsapp Business – Product Catalogue, sell on Facebook Marketplace, with this you can also sell products on OLX or quicker.

Believe me, it will bring a huge profit when you sell on social media.

Built an SEO Optimized Blog

It’s no doubt that in a digital era, Content is King.

With the help of Blog, you can easily drive more traffic and increase revenue for your online store.

Remember the posts that contain searched SEO keywords are more likely to rank high above the SERPs.

Writing a blog post will not only rank well your website but will also encourage people to visit your website product pages and will inspire people to complete purchases.

Add Customer Reviews

Customer review from other loyal customers will build buyer trust.

Reviews and ratings of your products boost trustworthiness for your online store. As online buyers can’t meet seller in person, so they are mainly depending on the other buyer’s feedback to assess merchants.

Ratings on the seller products will trigger the consumer to buy quickly, showing how other consumer thinks about the products.

In case, if you haven’t added reviews and ratings from your customers, you can ask your top buyers to provide you with the one in the form of video, text or audio.

Add Tracking Code

As an online store owner, you don’ want to make a blind mistake to not improve your growth strategies without monitoring your progress.

The best way to monitor your online store is to track the sell activity and knowing your customer’s behavior, demographic, acquisition with the help of most recommended free online tool Google Analytics.

It would be beneficial for you to embed the google analytics tracking code on to your website to get the clear metrics about your online store, product sales, site page visits, and the number of abandoned shopping carts.

With the help of analytics, you can continuously track your selling metric for the long term and get engaged with your customers more effectively and encourage them to buy more purchases,

Give Free Shipping

If you have done online shopping from Amazon, then you know that it provides you with free shipping.

Sellers who provide free shipping services have increased their sales. It will inspire your customers to buy the products from your store instead of buying from the competitors.

Choose High Resolution Photos

Your products image plays an important role when you upload the photos of the products on your online store.

It would be beneficial for you to add with the high resolution picture, where consumers can easily view the clear picture of your products.

Not only you can showcase the product image with high resolution but also with multiple angles so that your buyers can have a simple idea about the product and learn about all your items.

Provide Transparent Refund & Money-Back Guarantee Policies

To buy a product online is always a risky task to perform. A customer can’t see the person in real, so most of them are in doubt about whether to buy the product.

With the proper terms and conditions and pricing policy for customers, you can build trust among your competitors by providing them with crystal clear policies and money-back guarantee policies.

Choose Fast Delivery Partner

Your customer will love your ecommerce store even more when you provide them with a Fast Delivery Partner.

You can ask your delivery partner to ship the products to your customer within 2-3 working days. It will not only build a strong reputation among your customers but will also provide you with a competitive edge.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have shared you with the 14 Amazing Tips to create a successful Online Store in 2020.

I hope these tips will encourage you to build an online store differentiating from your competitive.

If you have found this article helpful, share it with your friends and anyone who has their online store.

In case, if I have missed out with any point you can comment.

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