200+ Things To Do At Home During The Days Of Quarantine

Here you will get the 200+ Things To Do At Home During The Days Of Quarantine.

Are you a Working Professional ?

Are you bored at Home?

Are you freaking out for being at home for so long??

or Spending the days just sitting and doing nothing?

I am sure that your answer must be “YES”.

From all over the world, we are all stuck at home – and inevitably bored.

For most of us, quarantine time is one of the hard times that we can ever live in.

However, despite how much we find our self bored and freak out at home, we can’t step the foot outside our Home.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t make the best of the situation.

While the entire world is halted, your precious mind doesn’t have to be.

As I am a person who always believes that the best way to grow yourself is by experiencing, trying, learning, and creating new things.

Every year since the very beginning of the 2020 New year we all have made some “Things-To-do List” or the “Resolution” of the things to Create, Learn, and Experience that we can do in the year 2020.

After spending interminable days in Quarantine, I have found an amazing list of 200+ Things To Do At Home During The Days Of Quarantine that you can try, create, and experience from the comforts of your own home without going outside.

I hope this list can provide you with some fun & unique ideas for people of all ages that suddenly realize they don’t want to actually binge watch Netflix for 2 weeks straight (shocking; I know!)

Stay safe & aware out there!

Note – If you found anything in the To-do List that requires you to leave your home, spend some money, etc please reconsider.

So Here are the Things that you can quarantine time.

Here are some Suggested reads you can read during the lockdown time.

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Let’s Began .

200+ Things-To-Do listed that you can do in Quarantine time :

To Learn…

  1. Daily One word from different language
  2. Collect Facts about some super random/ crazy (alien theories, ancient history, Illuminati, etc.)
  3. Dancing
  4. To make a pretty bouquet
  5. Meditation
  6. How to ask the right questions
  1. ALL about the 2020 presidential candidates and why you want to vote for your top candidate
  2. ​Learn New Recipes every day
  3. The periodic table of elements
  4. Brush lettering
  5. How to make macaroons
  6. Embroidery
  7. Storytelling
  8. ​Line dancing
  9. To moonwalk
  10. Knife sharpening
  11. ​How to whistle with your fingers
  1. To starting thinking globally with your career/business/life – it is 2020 after all!
  2. Learning a new subject in 3D
  3. About hyper-automation
  4. About Google analytics
  5. Palm reading
  6. ​How to pick a lock
  7. About another city/state/country you would like to move to potentially
  8. How to fight writer’s block
  9. More about current + trending events thanks to the meetup
  10. Open a beer/wine bottle without an official bottle opener (Avoid it, if you are not Alcoholic )
  11. How to open an apple in half with your hands (I know, it sounds crazy but impressive!)
  12. Better English (or whatever your native language is) by taking an advanced language class – because we all get a bit lazy!
  13. ​How to make homemade tortillas
  14. Ways to solve a Rubik’s cube
  15. Bookbinding
  16. Printmaking
  17. Bachata Dancing
  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Film photography
  3. The choreography to a song you have always loved
  4. How to maximize your tax breaks
  5. To find your voice – be it at work, school, or any area of life
  6. To use more substantial words in your daily rhetoric
  7. How to tie a knot that will withstand (almost) anything
  8. Investing in business
  9. To set more boundaries
  10. How to do coffee art (at least one design!
  11. Information on a trending news topic you don’t know much about
  12. A super impressive magic tricks
  13. Accountability
  14. Quilting
  15. How to identity more plants
  16. Decoupage
  17. Blackjack
  18. How to make a sales pitch
  19. Teach your pet a new trick
  1. How to pronounce items on food menus that you always struggle with
  2. Salsa dancing
  3. The full history of the country your family heritage is from
  4. About a subject you failed (ok, or reaaaaally had to try on) in college
  5. Present Wrapping: How to make pretty bows & use wrapping paper so that it doesn’t look like it was found in a dumpster
  6. How to chop a salad to absolute perfection
  7. About various mental illnesses & how you can support your friends, relatives, or yourself
  8. To draw one animal/product/item/etc really well
  9. The correct ways for you to stay calm in any situations
  10. The ways you can keep your body healthy (based on your weight, height, family history, etc)
  11. The best responses to win Never Have I Ever
  12. To be more honest with yourself & the art of self-reflection
  13. About Aromatherapy + Scents
  14. Basic math skills you’ve long forgotten
  15. The master skill of blending & highlighting your make up
  16. Basic coding/website building
  1. Something random off of a Youtube video
  2. To memorize your favorite poem by heart
  3. Sign Language
  4. The meaning behind a phrase you hear/say often (For example- the term “Sleep Tight” originated from the 1700s to remind people to tighten the ropes of their bed)
  5. The best way to store/save/back up your pictures/data/important documents
  6. The way to write a perfect “Thank You” note
  7. How to type an E-Mail that will get clients (or your co-workers) attention
  8. All about the Presidents – or whoever leads your country
  9. How to stop always pressing the snooze button
  10. All about a religion that you’re unfamiliar with
  11. A card game you’re unfamiliar with
  12. What your signature cocktail is & how to make it
  13. The correct way to set a dinner table
  14. All about a charity that interests/fascinates you- & donate to it!
  15. The proper way to perform CPR
  16. The basic beliefs about each religion- regardless of what religion you do/don’t follow
  17. How to cook one ethnic recipe
  18. Basic geography- you know, all the places you’ve forgotten since 6th grade
  19. One impressive, random thing… like making balloon animals, tying a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth, juggling, etc
  20. How to iron like an expert
  21. How to fold a fitted sheet
  22. How to play pool or win at darts (or other frivolous bar games)
  23. Words to use in place of “like”, “um”, “said”, etc.
  24. How to go through an entire meal without checking your phone/e-mail
  25. Basic sewing 101
  26. The lyrics of Various Songs
  27. Calligraphy
  1. Something “adults” should know how to do, but you’ve yet to learn- like changing your oil
  2. Fast ways to keep your house clean & tidy on a daily basis
  3. To use the other settings on your camera besides “Auto” mode
  4. How to skip a stone
  5. Your family’s medical history- because being informed hurt no one
  6. How to cook an egg
  7. The best way to tie a tie
  8. All about a subject you have always wanted to know!

​​To Create…

  1. Your own presets/filters to use on your Instagram + social media photos
  2. A happy social media by unfollowing any accounts that don’t inspire you
  3. A junk-free phone by deleting old apps, contacts, & photos
  4. Sketching + submitting your own sketchbook to The Sketchbook Project
  5. Photo album of 2019
  6. A list of all the things you love about yourself
  1. Reviews to leave of restaurants/stores/hotels you’ve been to recently that provided great customer service
  2. Multiple go-to music playlists for any feeling/event/etc
  3. An emergency kit/box complete with flashlights, water, canned foods, medical supplies, etc
  4. Some poems (it’s super relaxing!)
  5. A love letter contribution to the Signed Love Earth Project
  6. A passion project for the year
  7. A new signature dish you can always prepare to perfection
  8. A journal that documents every moment of life you cherish/remember from your childhood until the present day. I suggest sorting memories by friend/family member 🙂
  9. Music tapes (Throwback!) of songs you loved, organized by dates/trips/events/etc to always listen back on (& a tape player!)
  10. A family cookbook
  11. A Group text group using GroupMe (or similar app) for all of your friends or family to stay connected & in touch daily!
  12. List of books you want to read this year
  1. An ETSY store page to sell something you’re good at making
  2. A list of things you want to do by 2025
  3. The perfect password that fingers crossed no one could hack!
  4. List of your friends/relatives birthdays so you never forget them again
  5. A way to make some amount of passive income
  6. An USB/Disc of scanned old family photos & giving your family members each a copy
  7. New branding, marketing, or any other work/school-related documents using Canva
  8. Xing account to network with other professionals in your line of work
  9. A more creative life with the help of Creativity-Portal.com
  10. Well-decorated cookies
  11. Meaningful conversation with StoryCorps
  12. Ways to stay entertained that don’t involve your phone, laptop, or any other tech device
  13. A daily skincare routine for your skin type and age
  14. A daily journal entry
  15. More of a “Smart Home” – such as investing in lightbulbs that can be turned on/off by a mobile app, wireless speakers, etc
  16. Knitting a giant chunky knit blanket
  17. Nice words of encouragement to send to someone you
    lookup to
  18. List of words of advice, quotes, and names of everyone who has ever inspired you or impacted your life
  19. Custom spices, rubs, and marinades to use when cooking
  20. Gift baskets for your local fire/police departments
  21. Sweet cards for a local nursing home (To mail & not hand deliver!!)
  22. A super creative hashtag to use on your photos throughout the year
  23. Naming a star
  24. An extensive family tree
  1. Handwritten cards to mail your friends
  2. A list of podcasts you like
  3. Album of pictures that will always make you smile/happy
  4. Holiday wreath for your door
  5. A costume completely from scratch for a costume party
  6. A fund for something you’ve always wanted to treat yo’ self to!
  7. Balloon Art
  8. Your own face mask from scratch
  9. An art project or installation out of old clothes
  10. A Facebook group over something you’re interested in or passionate about where you can share and grow within a community
  11. A collection of all the videos you have (even if it means breaking out the VCR) & making one big video montage
  12. A safety plan for you & your friends/family in the event of an emergency
  13. A list of 10+ self-improvement books to read
  1. Collection of hotel keys from all your travels
  2. A picture-perfect moment
  3. A high performance work out a plan for 30 days
  4. Bedtime routine you can stick with
  5. An organized, inspiring home office
  6. Care bags to donate to your local animal shelter with treats, dollar store blankets, etc
  7. A membership to a rewards program you will benefit from
  8. A beautiful bird house (complete with bird food!) to put outside during spring
  9. A classical music playlist to listen to when you need to work/study/clean
  10. A smash journal/book
  11. The last Pinterest project you pinned
  12. A dream diary
  1. A blog where you can organize your thoughts
  2. An organized closet (because even if you purged last year, it’s time to re-do!)
  3. Your own comic book
  4. Crowd funding page for a cause you believe in
  5. Family scrapbook/photo album of current & previous generations
  6. An atmosphere of love & vulnerability instead of building walls around yourself
  7. A blanket fort in your living room- Yes, even if you’re 30!
  8. A backed-up laptop that’s clutter-free & operates more efficiently
  9. An autobiography of your life up to this point
  10. Letters to your future children/grandchildren
  11. Healthy relations with old friends you haven’t spoken too.

To Try…

  1. Reading the entire book of you (or your family/friends) religion
  2. Drinking more water
  3. A new form of exercise
  1. Crying if you’re feeling low! Just let it out 🙂
  2. Reading a book you normally wouldn’t be interested in
  3. Sleeping without your phone in your bedroom (remember that thing called an alarm clock?!)
  4. Spending a little more quality / interactive time with your pets!
  5. Completing a crossword puzzle
  6. Taking a free online course over something you’ve always been interested in
  7. Brewing your own beer
  8. Watching an iconic TV show you never saw
  9. Understanding why someone with a different political opinion than you holds those views
  10. Watching comedies & light-hearted films- you’ll be surprised what it can do to your attitude!
  11. BumbleBFF- because who doesn’t want more friends – especially now when you can just message them?!
  12. Lip scrubbing- because dry lips are a thing of the past
  13. Leaving water or food outside your home/apartment for anyone in need
  14. Dedicating 2 weeks to ridding (or starting!) a habit
  15. Writing a song or story
  1. Applying more lotion- trust me, your skin will greatly appreciate it
  2. Reading the entire constitution- because ignorance isn’t bliss
  3. Completing a 1,000+ piece puzzle
  4. Having a solo wine + paint night at your home!
  5. A food that you’ve never had before
  6. Flossing every day for at least one week straight
  7. Fixing something around your place that’s broken
  8. Making your bed every day for at least one week in a row
  9. Watching your favorite movie in a foreign language
Watch movie
  1. Using that thing you’re “saving for a special occasion” on a weekly basis
  2. Reading classical poetry like Emerson or Frost
  3. Closing out of a website every time you’re about to type an argumentative comment
  4. To find ways to relieve your stress without drinking/smoking/eating/anger/etc
  5. Asking instead of assuming
  6. Talking on the phone more (I know, cringe, right?!)
  7. Alcohol-alternative drinks
  8. Entering a short-story contest
  9. Cooking seasonally
Cook Seasonally
  1. Sticking to a new healthy habit with the app Streaks
  2. Writing a book or creating something with your partner or a friend
  3. Rewiring your brain
  4. Watching all of the movies nominated for awards this year

To Experience…

  1. Zoom (or Skype!) video session with a lot of your family or friends
  2. That exciting feeling of scoring an awesome deal on a product you need or want
  3. Cooking every recipe in a favorite or new cookbook
  4. Celebrating another culture’s holiday and learning all about it
  5. Letting go of a secret or something you hold on to by sending a postcard to the PostSecret group
  6. Seeing what people around the world are up to with the Snapchat explore map
  7. Reading a book that’s been collecting dust on your bookshelf way too long
  8. Taking a friend or family member’s car to the car wash & filling up their tank – just because
  9. Catching yourself before you partake in a bad habit – & diverting to a healthier choice
  10. Getting involved with projects around the world thanks to Zooniverse
  11. Hosting a tea party (& getting all dressed up for it, I might add!)
  12. Not feeling the need always to check your phone every time it buzzes or a new notification comes in
  13. Feeding local wildlife
  14. Dying your hair a crazy color (at least for a weekend!)
dye your hair
  1. Being completely honest with yourself in regards to the current life choices you’re making and pursuing
  2. Giving back to your community in some way
  3. Playing a game you loved growing up
  4. Finding a new comedian that makes you genuinely LOL
  5. Cooking a full meal & donating it to a homeless person you encounter on a frequent basis
  6. Sending a gift to a complete stranger from their wedding/baby registry
  7. Completing something you never thought you would finish
  8. Making a home movie with your family
  9. Coloring every page in a coloring book
  10. Reading stories from Humans of New York
  11. Taking a bath by candlelight ​


I hope you have found the article, interesting.

If you have like the article on 200+ Things To Do At Home During The Days Of Quarantine, do comments and share it with your relatives and friends.

Also, tell us which is the favourite pass time during this lockdown period that you are working on.

Stay healthy & aware of those around you! Please comment below any additional ideas – I would love the recommendations! 😘

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