6 Killer Ways to Optimize Tik Tok Profile in 2020

In this article, I will share the 6 Killer Ways to Optimize TikTok Profile in 2020.

You must be familiar with social media channels like  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

But as time has changed now, so does your choice using the social media channels in 2020.

Launched in 2016 for both the users of iOS and Android. TikTok becomes one of the fastest-growing video platforms with over 800 million monthly active users from the 154 countries worldwide.

Individuals use the video platform (say Influencers), Content creators to create Short dance, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos and optimize their content across to generate a relationship with brands.

Yet, there are many creators that do not understand how to optimize the Tik Tok profile properly.

So, before you work on the Tik Tok marketing strategy and start investing time in creating the Tik Tok videos, there is some basic work that’ needs to be done.

You need to optimize the Tik Tok profile page in 2020 to covert your efforts into actual clicks and conversions.

In this article, we will be talking about the most essential ways of how you can easily optimize the Tik Tok profile in 2020:

Let’s Begin.

6 Killer Ways to Optimize Tik Tok Profile in 2020

Use Easy to remember User name & Handle

When it comes to the optimization of the social media channel, it is fundamental to choose the easy to remember a User name and handle name.

As your Tik Tok user name is the first word on your Tik Tok profile that is most significant in the eyes of Viewers.

It would be beneficial for you to have a brandable name that is easy to remember and is attractive as it represents your personality and business.

Profile Picture

Make sure that you upload a profile pic (avatar )with your professional attitude and give a clear signal to your audience about your business or yourself. 

Moreover, aim for a similar profile pic over all of your social media channels and make sure all social media channels have the same visuals match.

Utilize a Tik Tok profile photo that is 200 x 200 px.

Tips For Best Profile Picture

  • Show your face as your profile picture. Instead of showing too much of the body, crop to the head and a bit of shoulder.
  • Choose a flattering background while taking a picture. Too much clutter in the background makes the photo less appealing.
  • Find a soft light source. The best bet is near a window on a sunny day.
  • Click a smiling pose. A smiling face always gets more attention. Eye contact can take it to the next level.
  • Always experiment at different angles to get the best profile picture.
  • Last but not least, retouch your profile pictures. Every picture needs a retouch. Either do it yourself or hire a freelancer. You don’t have to be an adobe expert to do it. You can do it easily by PicMonkey, an online photo editing tool.

Write an amazing Bio

Your bio is the principal thing that your viewers want to read as it gives them the opportunity to read about you.

The more your viewer will know about you, the more they will get connected with you.

With TikTok, you can add a bio with up to 80 characters.

While other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram enable you to write characters up to 101 and 115.

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While optimizing the Tik Tok profile, the more information that you can use or add :

  • Your contact details (phone number and email).
  • Your other social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Your Industrial Interest
  • Your story

Tips for writing Amazing bio

  • Use line breaks and emojis to make information more bite-sized and consumable.
  • If you are active on Likee App, add your username too (Likee: username)
  • Don’t forget to add a branded hashtag in your bio so that fans can use it when making a duet.

Insert your Youtube channel link or Instagram Link

It would be beneficial for you to add your YouTube channel link or Instagram link on your Tik Tok profile while optimizing the Tik Tok profile.

Inserting the YouTube channel link or Instagram link will give you more growth as an Influencer.

Use Hashtags

Hashtag plays an essential part in the platform, TikTok community, and followers.

With the right branded hashtag, people interested in your profile could easily find you that will help them to search and follow you easily


As the TikTok platform continues to grow in 2020, many of the business owners and Influencer consider the ways that help them in sharing culture, relevant conversations, and want to get in on the opportunity to increase their brand awareness.  

With the more opportunity to become more visible and gain more followers, you can easily optimize the TikTok profile by following the above ways.

So, you don’t have to miss out on the great movement.

I hope with the help of this article, You can easily optimizeTikTok Profile in 2020.

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