7 Best Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020 [With Picture]

Launched in 2005, Google-owned Online Video Platform Youtube the fastest growing Social Media has become the Silver Screen of the worldwide Web.

With over 2 billion monthly users, more than Instagram.

As the year 2020 gets going, the number of youtube account is also Increasing by 79 percent of Internet users.

Youtube is the best place for the content creators, business owners, professionals to get you in front of the viewers from all over the World.

It is very important for you to increase your visibility online and to provide the youtube users with the most useful, relevant and also engaging content as it is also an increasingly competitive medium.

Therefore,  to make your channel search friendly for both app users and who arrive through the search engine also keeps you ahead of your competition.

I’ve identified some of the best ways to optimize Youtube channel in 2020, so that you can easily drive as much traffic as possible through videos.

Note: This article is a series from the Social Media optimization

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Let’s Start.

7 Best ways to Optimize Youtube Channel

Add Keyword into YouTube channel name

Keywords in the metadata work the same way as it does for your Website.

So, think before you include a keyword in your channel name as Keywords that are placed strategically in the title of your channel could work wonders.

For Instance, instead of “Channel Name,” try “Channel Name: Keyword” with your keyword being your industry, your service, your product or any term that helps define your brand and enable searchers to find you.

The best practice is to use the keyword as a mechanism for users to come across your channel organically so that you can easily put yourself in their shoes.

For Example :

Channel Name with keywords  - Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.
Image Credit: Youtube channel

Here, the transactional searchers who already know the “Dr.Vivek Bindra” name will be able to find but also the informational searchers who are simply looking for “ Motivational Speaker” can also find.

To add keyword along with your youtube channel provide the search engine proper information that will help in properly crawl and index your channel in search results.

Complete About Section

Another optimization way that you should do is to add a description of your Youtube Channel in About section.

As most of you are unsure of how to use your About Section.

About Section gives you a great opportunity to let you fully describe what your channel is about, the types of videos that you will produce and the value that you will provide to your Subscribers.

So, the very first thing about the About section on youtube is that it is the 48 characters that are shown in the Youtube search results to let understand your viewers know of who you are and what you want to serve the best snippet of Content.  

Inserting a few keywords naturally in the about section can help you optimize the page further for search as well.

If you are not sure what keywords to include? You can surely use MozSEMrush and Market Muse.

Remember: Don’t settle for the high-competition Keywords.

For Example :

About section - Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.
Image Credit: Him-eesh Madaan (Youtube Channel)

Use Channel Keyword Tags

The Keywords tags serve the same function on your Youtube channel as meta tags do on your website.

 You can include keywords tags up to 100 characters that will allow youtube and google to index your channel for the search, the more relevant information you provide the better it will to rank.

Update your Channel Trailer

The youtube creator Academy, itself calls the channel trailers  “the red carpet you lay out to get visitors to subscribe.”

Youtube Channel Trailers are basically the small introduction of your channel and are a visual of About you.

As Channel trailers are visible only to non-subscribers, so you don’t have to create or curate information in your trailer with the need of existing subscribers but for the new users, uninformed and skeptics.

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines :

  • Introduce yourself as if no one has ever heard of you.
  • Keep Channel trailer 30-60 seconds in length.
  • Keep it short and pitch quickly. You need to hook viewers within the first few seconds.
  • Ask viewers to subscribe, both vocally and textually within the video.
  • Show, don’t tell. Don’t talk about your value, give examples of it.

For Example:

Channel Trailer  - Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.
Image Credit: Youtube channel

Add Channel Art

Youtube Channel art (also known as a “Channel Header Image” or “YouTube Banner”)  is the image that goes across your channel at top of your channel page representing the channel’s brand and personality.

Channel Art is the first thing visitors see when they visit your channel. So make sure to make a strong first impression.

The channel art should be eye-catching and on-brand – as well it should be sized to the optimal 2560 x 1440 Pixels.

Channel Banner is a good place to share most important information about your channel including website Link, Logo, Social Media Accounts, Your tagline, subscribe link,  publishing schedule and much more.  

For example:

As you can see, from the banner we can get the information about the Fit Tuber telling us what days he posts new content.

He also has a Call To Action (right-hand side) for persuading us to subscribe, as well as links to his account  Instagram and Quora right in the banner too.

Create Playlist

Once you have initiated with making your content on youtube, playlist plays an essential role to make things more navigable for your viewers.

Making a group of popular videos or videos with a similar theme is good choice.  As it will make easy for the viewers to find out the similar videos/playlist in your channel from each video description.

With the help of the playlist, you will understand what content works best when it comes to working out the videos work well together.

Remember, from an SEO point of view, videos that are getting good traffic and engagement tend to rank better.

For Example:

Playlist - Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.
Image Credit: Watch Roz (Youtube Channel)

Channel “Watch Roz” have all grouped the seasons of Game of Thrones seasons with a different Playlist.

Link to other Relevant Channels

You can link your channel with the other featured Channel, that will keep you with the community spirit of the Youtube Platform.

If you have some other Channel, you can add them as a relevant channel that will give your viewers a way to browse other great and other reliable content.

 Link to other Relevant Channels  - Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.
Image Credit: Recipeana Recipe(Youtube Channel)


So, this was my article on the Best Ways to Optimize Youtube Channel in 2020.

I hope the article will really help you to optimize your youtube channels in 2020.

In case if you have any doubt regarding the tricks to optimize the youtube channel, you can comment on the box below. I will surely try to help you out.

Do share it with your Friends and Connections, who are youtubers so that it can help them to optimize the youtube channel effiectively.

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