Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing For Startup & Small Business in 2021

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So, Are you a Small Business Owner? or Have you just Started your Business? or Are you struggling to get the maximum ROI for your Small business?

I am pretty Sure. Your Answer is “Yes”

Starting out with a business is easy but to keep it going, you have to maintain a well-planned strategy that can provide you with the maximum Return on Investment(ROI).

In order to maintain a high ROI for your small business or startup, you can choose on to work on the different marketing strategy like SEO, SMM, Influencer Marketing, Paid Campaign and etc.

But to keep your marketing strategy stable and effective for your small business in 2021, you have to develop a proper marketing strategy that will provide you with the desirable results.

To start with the most effective marketing approach, you can start with the email marketing for your small business in 2021.

Yes. You read it correctly.

Now, You might think that Email Marketing is dead.

Believe me. It’s not.

According to the Statista, there are 3.9 billion daily email users which are expected to climb to 4.3 billion by the year 2023.

Besides this, about 40% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is the most essential step for their content marketing success and about 73% of millennials prefer to use email for communication rather than any other communication medium.

Source: GIPHY

I hope, the above stats is enough to make you think once again for using the email marketing for your startups.

Even though, if you are not yet ready to use email marketing in the year 2021.

Here are some of the Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing For Startup & Small Business in 2021 that will make you use Email Marketing.

So let’s get Started.

Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing For Startup & Small Business in 2021

Cost Effective

One of the most obvious benefits of using Email Marketing is its Cost-Effectiveness.

Email Marketing is among one of the free marketing tactics that you can use for your Startup or Small Business.

As here you can opt for free email marketing software that will allow you to send thousands of emails to the targeted audience at a time.

Increase Conversion & Boost Sales

No doubt.

With the help of Email Marketing, you can easily target the desired audience encouraging them to purchase the products or service by delivering the special offers.

Also, in email marketing, you easily automate the process of sales, which will help you to increase the sale as well as conversion for your startups.

Increase Traffic to Website

Producing a great content is easy, but to make them reach to your customers is also one of the most important task that marketers have to keep in mind.

So, to make your customers reach the content, you can send the regular newsletter to your customers that will provide you with the desired traffic to your website.

But while sending the email make sure to add a Call-to-Action(CTR) at the time sending email to your customers, as it will enable them to click on the link provided to your site.

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Building a strong customer relationship is the most crucial step for any of the small business.

To build a strong customer relationship, you can send your customers to make them aware of the things happening in your business like the newly Featured launched, products, services, special offers, news about business and so on.

Believe me.

Your customers would be love to hear about the progress or newly launched product or services in your business as it will make them feel more special and connected to your business.

Easily Measurable

One of the key benefits of using Email Marketing for your business is that it ‘s measurable.

With the help of email marketing software, you can easily measure your metrics, compare and test your emails numerous times with the help of A/B testing.

Depending on your email marketing software, you can measure the various metrics like open rate, clicks, bounces rate and conversions with it you can also measure a crucial number like ROI, revenue per subscriber and subscriber lifetime value.

Easy to Share

Emails Marketing provides you with a brilliant way to let your deals and offers shared among the diversified customers.

As with the help of email marketing customers can easily share the emails with the desired products, services, deals with their friends and connections at the click of a button.


I hope I have provided you enough benefits of why you should be starting the email marketing approach for your small business in the year 2021.

In case, if I have missed any of the advantage about the email marketing, please do comments on the box below.

Although there are many other reasons of using the email marketing, developing a reliable and sensational email marketing strategy will help you grow your organization, develop a strong brand name and set yourself up as a specialist within the industry.

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