Top 10 Best Shipping Companies for eCommerce Business

Every e-commerce business’s best friends are shipping companies. In fact, the whole sector of e-commerce logistics is set to contribute to nearly 30% of the entire industry. That’s because there are over 120+ shipping companies spread out across India, serving online businesses with customers in every city. 

These shipping companies can vary in size and resources. Some offer value-added services, like quality checks and insurance. Others have a wide reach and are equipped to deliver even to the most remote locations. Choosing the right courier partner is dependent on what your needs are. 

Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in India

Having said that, 120 is a big number to choose from. So for the sake of ease, we’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the top e-commerce shipping companies in India.

1. Aramex 

Aramex is a UAE based shipping company founded in 1997 that currently operates globally. They provide a wide range of delivery services including COD, order bundling and bulk shipments, and customized packaging. They also provide express shipping services both domestically and internationally, serving 8000+ pin codes in India, and 220+ countries across the world. 

2. BlueDart 

BlueDart is another established global carrier that began providing services in 1983, making it a veteran shipping partner. They have a reach of over 35,000+ pin codes in India, and serve 220+ countries globally. They offer doorstep delivery and slot-based delivery, alongside COD (cash-on-delivery) services. They also allow you to avail services for automated proof on delivery, as well as weather-resistant packaging to minimise in-transit damage to orders. 

3. Delhivery 

Delhivery was found in 2011, and in one decade they have grown exponentially. They now serve over 10,000+ customers, 3/4ths of which are the leading e-commerce businesses in the country. They offer services like COD, express delivery, scheduled delivery, SDD, NDD and even specialised product handling, for over 17,500+ pin codes. Their reach extends to over 2300 major Indian cities. 

4. DHL

DHL is a San Francisco-based carrier that began its journey way back in 1969 and now serves over 200 countries across the world. In India, they have a massive pin-code reach of 26,000+. Their global experience has allowed them to equip e-commerce companies with storage and distribution warehouses all over the country (and the globe). They are especially known for their environmentally friendly practices which actively work to reduce delivery wastage. 

5. DTDC 

DTDC is one of India’s leading carriers with a pin code reach of 9000+. They provide domestic services across most major cities and serve over 240+ countries globally. So customers can avail domestic or international delivery services. They also offer priority delivery services, express delivery services and customized packaging, alongside offering real-time automated tracking updates. 

6. Ecom Express

Ecom Express is a shipping company founded in 2012 that offers multiple niche delivery services. They are equipped specially to handle high value products and offer surveillance services. They guarantee express deliveries will be completed within 72 hours from the time of order manifestation. When it comes to returns, they offer a similar 72 hour guarantee, along with doorstep quality checks prior to beginning the reverse journey. 

7. eKart

eKart is a shipping and logistics company started in 2009 as an endeavour of FlipKart and has grown to service a wide range of other e-commerce businesses. Their reach spreads through 3,800+ pin codes across India. They provide next-day delivery (NDD) in 50 different cities and same-day delivery in 13 cities. They also provide COD services. They are known for their relatively low rates. 

8. FedEx 

FedEx has been a big name in the logistics game for a while and became a major player in India in 2010. They are equipped to handle a wide variety of products, including dangerous and hazardous items like lithium batteries or dry ice, as well as heavyweight, lightweight, bulky and fragile items. They’re also experts when it comes to handling documentation and customs clearance for cross-border shipments. 

9. ShadowFax

ShadowFax was started in 2015 and in half a decade has grown to provide on-demand logistics services for hundreds of ecommerce businesses, both domestically and globally. They offer hyperlocal and express delivery services at low rates, for over 10,000+ pin codes across 500+ cities. They also provide marketplace pick-ups as well as storage & warehouse facilities. 

10. XpressBees

XpressBees started doing its thing in the same year as ShadowFax. They serve 13,000+ pin codes, with the help of 30,000+ national employees operating out of early 3000 offices and managing 100+ Hub and dispatch centres across the country. They provide express delivery in addition to specialised customs clearance. 

Final Note 

There are numerous criteria that can be used to select the best shipping partners for your online business. E-commerce logistics companies typically provide more specified services, especially when it comes to delivery speed.

We’ve narrowed down this list based on pin code reach, speed of delivery, added niche services and overall popularity of each company.

Hopefully, it makes the decision-making process at least slightly easier for any eCommerce companies looking for their next best carrier.

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