90 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as Business Owner in 2020

This article is all about the Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a Business owner in 2020.

If you are a business owner of an online venture, then you must a thought in mind that one day you will make a successful business.

That could change your life and the lives of the people for whom you have started your business.

But to run a successful online business is not everyone a cup of tea.

Most of the time your business fail because of the hard competition that you had to face every day in the top competition world or the improper marketing mistakes that you apply to your business that prove to harm your business.

So, to keep yourself high in the competition & be in the market for a long time.

It is essential to use a marketing strategy that fulfills your business aim & helps you get more customers with a short time that could provide you with a high ROI.

Some of the most common marketing tactics that you can use to build a successful business involve Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social media Marketing, Search engine Marketing, Video Marketing and so on.

Every marketing tactic that you use has a different benefit that it can provide to your business.

I will discuss the benefits of marketing for your business some other day.

Today, In this article, I will focus on the best marketing tactic – Blogging Mistakes that I have seen many business owners make while running an online business.

As blogging is an always brilliant marketing strategy for business owners to use in the business, but one mistake in your marketing can do more harm than you have ever thought.

To prevent you from the mistakes you make as a business owner in your marketing.

As blogging is not only a single thing that you have to do.

It also involves various parts like content writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, etc.

So based on the above parts I have curated the list of all the blogging mistakes you need to avoid.

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It’s better to get a cup of tea and Pen. This is going to be the long List.

Still up with me. Here we go.

90 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as Beginner

Content Writing Mistakes

  1. You Miss Introduction
  1. Lack of Research & Proper Stats
  1. Being too complex
  1. You try to publish daily (Prefer to write Quality over Quantity)
  1. Miss out to write consistently
  1. You try to write for SEO rather than Humans
  1. You don’t simplify your points
  1. Don’t write conclusion
  1. Write for wrong customers
  1. You don’t have a single niche

11. Don’t respond to comments

12. Miss out for being Interactive

13. Headline is not Catchy

14. You don’t put “Call-to-Action”

15. Don’t have writing Calender

16. Write in Long-boring Paragraph

17. Format your Post Frequently while Writting

18. Forgets to format your post at last

19. Miss to include Images, GIF’s, Video

20. Use of Incorrect Fonts and Size

21. Forget to Enable Share Buttons

Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

22. You forget to customize your Blog Post URL

23. Don’t use Heading & Sub-headings

24. Don’t have Favicon

25. You try to do Keyword Stuffing

26. Improper Keyword Research

27. Description is not relatable or Missing Description

28. Low Site Speed & Load time

29. You use Free or Nulled Theme

30. Miss out to have contact us Form

31. Haven’t Integrated Google Analytics

32. Site is not ready for Mobile (AMPs Pages)

33. Don’t focus on branded anchor text

34. Not Updating yourself with Google Algorithm

35. Site is Not Mobile Friendly

36. Not focusing on brand Search or branding keywords

37. You Ignore HTTPs Status

38. Doesn’t include internal or External links

39. Have not excluded Broken links & images

40. Don’t have XML Sitemap

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

41. Failed to make Social media plan

42. You don’t address negative comments

43. Miss Hashtags

44. You post blog on wrong time

45. Don’t interact with a targeted audience

46. Get Fake followers

47. Post content for formality

48. Post single type of Posts

49. Not Measuring Social media Stats

50. Multiple pages with single names

51. Use of Incorrect Language

52. Measuring Wrong KPIs

53. Using Same Platform Equally

54. Making too much Automation to post social stuff

55.Failing to engage with customers

56. Too much Promotions

57. Does not care about Customers

58. Inconsistency in posting content

59. Posting Unproofed Content

Email Marketing Mistakes

60. Missing Subscription form at Important Pages

61. Don’t have products or services to offer

62. Missing Welcome Message

63. Mailing at random time

64. Writing Poor Subject Lines

65. Avoiding A/B testing

66. Keeping Mails Professional rather than Personal

67. Unclear Call to Action

68. Not enabling Subscribers to reply

69. Using too Images

70. Hiding the Subscribing lista

71. Not adding mailing address

72. Mails are not optimized for mobile

73. Sending too many emails in a day

74. Not having Proper plan to send emails

75. use of Wrong email service provider

76. Not starting email marketing atall

77. Sending mails with Broken links

78. Sending a brief mail

79. Sending duplicate mails multiple times

80. Failed to track emails

Google Analytics Mistakes

81. Wrong Account Configuration

82. Not Setting Goals, event Tracking or ecommerce tracking

83. Skimming Campaign Tags

84. Ignoring major KPI’s

85. Use of Invalid Tracking Code

86. Not Using Google Tag Manager

87. Skimming Goal Conversion Tracking

88. No goal Setup

89. Not filtering traffic

90. Miss out to use Custom alerts



You now know all the 90 blogging mistakes that you make while blogging for your business.

I am sure by now you can easily create a Successful blog strategy that would make your marketing touch heights.

Not only now you can get the success in blog but also in the other parts that are crucial parts of blogging.

Time to time with the update of algorithm and trends I will keep updating the list to keep you up to date.

If I have missed any of Blogging Mistakes to Avoid, so comment on the box below.

And if you find the article helpful, share it out with your connections.

Have a successful Blogging journey.

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