The Ultimate Guide 2020: Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta Data Page)

In this article, I will talk about the Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta Data Page) with the simple and quick steps that you can follow in 2020.

App store optimization also known as App Store SEO, Play Store ASO, App Store ASO or Mobile App SEO.

ASO means optimizing the mobile app to get a top rank on app search results and top chart rankings.

With the help of ASO, the more you gain app visibility in app store search results, the more people will find your app and download it increasing your Organic downloads.

Basically, ASO involves the techniques that are more focused on increasing the app store impressions into several successful downloads.

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Benefits  of App Store Optimization

With over 2.6 million Android apps in the Google Play store used by approximately 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. Getting your app discovered in the eye of your prospective customers is the biggest issue.

So, If you are an app developer or app marketer, it’s crucial for you to understand the benefits of app store optimization.

Here are some Benefits of performing App Store Optimization  :

  • Organic downloads
  • Get relevant customer
  • Cost effective
  • Stability
  • Competition
  • Increase Revenue
  • Credibility

Let’s discuss the benefits of ASO in more in details:

Benefits of App Store Optimization in 2020

1. Organic Downloads

The most important benefit that you will get with good ASO strategy is organic downloads. 

Once you have optimized your app with the relevant keywords, you will start ranking higher for different searches, improving your app visibility and increasing the number of your organic downloads.

2. Get relevant Customers 

The more relevant customers you get the more revenue you make.

You can get the relevant customers for your app, with the same keywords that your target customers are searching. By optimizing your app, you can get your app in front of the right users that are searching for your app.

3. Cost-effective 

App store optimization is a totally cost-effective method.

You can easily implement the ASO strategy to get the better ranks and increase in a number of downloads. 

To perform ASO you don’t require any high investment and efforts to bring your app to the top positions of app search results.

You simply have to perform the various techniques to get better results in less time. 

4. Stability

The ASO techniques with the extra downloads and high revenue provide your app with a much stable future.

With the continuous efforts and regularly improving your app, you can keep your organic downloads consistent over time or maintain your rank in the app store search results.

5. Competition 

With the millions of apps launched in the app store, struggling to reach the top of app search results. The amounts of apps present in the app store make it difficult to reach potential customers.

By implementing the right tactics of ASO you can easily beat your competition and be there at the topmost positions of the app store.

6. Increase in Revenue 

You can easily increase revenue from the downloads that you will receive.

 If you have correctly monetized your app – from ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases, etc. then ASO will surely help you in increasing revenue.

7. Credibility

A successful ASO technique helps to get credibility. As your app rank get improved it will come in the category of top apps.

It helps you rank fast and build strong credibility for your app. Remember – people always prefer the top most apps than the apps ranked in the bottom.

Now that I have told you some benefits about the App Store Optimization.

Here is The Ultimate Guide 2020: Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta data Page)

Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta Data Page)

Like you do SEO for your website to get web pages on top of the Google’s search results, you can also do the ASO for your App to get in the top position of google play search results. 

So, performing the ASO for your app can be also viewed as then app store SEO.

With the ASO, you can easily take the advantage to rank high, get seen by more people and at last receive more downloads.

Here are some on metadata ASO Factor : 

1. Correct Title of App 

The title of your app is the first thing that your users see. It is important to choose the title of your app wisely.

While choosing the app title make sure that your app name is relevant, easy to read and unique. You can use some of the most powerful keywords to your app name.  

If the name of the app is appealing, it will be easy for the users to remember it providing the chief recognition value. 

Since June 2017, you can use 50 character’s long name in google play with the key message of your app.

A marvellous example of an app title that well uses App Title is 

Title of App
2. Use of Short Description 

Adding a Short description with the relevant keywords affects your app ranking and conversion rate.

You can add up to 80 characters in the brief description field with a clear brief message about the app including some keywords that you normally want your app to rank for in search results.

3. Use an App Description 

Once you have set the name of your app. The app description is another essential part of the ASO. 

App description provides the information of the app, what your app is about an overview of your app fundamental features and Functionality including the support contact and brand website link.

Remember that app description is not only relevant to your users but also to the app store algorithm. As app description is the place where google finds the keywords to index your app.

Try to use the keywords into the app description sentences naturally. Your description should be informative, easy to understand, creative and it will be beneficial to use the bullet points and Emojis. This way your app description will look attractive for the readers and relevant for the algorithm.

You can use up to 4000 characters in the app store. Example of App Description .

App Description
4. Pick the Right Category

Pick the best category that suits your app, placing your app in the proper category will not only be helpful for the users who interact with your app but it will also help you to rank well in the app store.

If your app suits one or over one category, then you can choose the category with the least category that will give you a better chance to rank on the top.

5. Use High-Resolution Icon

An app icon is the first visual elements that your app users see when they come to your app in app search results or Top charts, directly affecting the click-through rate or the conversion rate. 

So, you can use a high-quality image for your icon. The requirements for app icon:

32-bit PNG (with alpha)
Dimensions: 512px by 512px
Maximum file size: 1024KB

It is better to use the icon that clearly reflects the main purpose of your app.
Also make sure that the app icon looks much different from your competitor with the clear shape, color, typography, etc. 

6. High-quality Screenshots 

Just like the app icon, Screenshots are the other graphic elements that are the responsible app conversion rate. 

App screenshots help you to get a spotlight on your app and give a suitable reason to download your app. Your app screenshots remain to be essential for the users to see how does your app look like from inside.

On google play store, you can add up to 8 screenshots. Create an interesting storyline with a single message about your app. Adding a brief caption text on background into your screenshots will lead a positive impression in the viewer’s mind.

High-quality Screenshots
7. Add an App Preview Video

To provide a better insight into what your app is about, you can harness the power of video for your app.

Adding video is a powerful tool that you can use to differentiate yourself from the competitor. 

To add a video, you can just paste the Link of YouTube video URL in the “ promo video” field on google play store listing. 

You can also localize your video in all the other languages that your app is available for.

Upload the video for each language or use the transcripts in unfamiliar languages, Google will automatically show depending on user location or device settings.

8. URL /  Package Name 

Before publishing the app on play store, include some keywords in the URL as URL of app play a strong ranking factor for your app in-app search results. 

Once you have published the app in the play store, you can’t modify the URL later. So check the google play store package URL before the launch of your app.

Example of URL Name with Title 

URL Name with Title
9.App Developer Name

Another on metadata factor that affects the ranking of your app is Developer name. The app with positive developer name ranks higher in google play search. 

You can add a few keywords in your developer name too. 


So here I have talked about The Ultimate Guide 2020: Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta data Page).

If you were looking for the benefits and on a meta factor of ASO, then I hope this might be helpful for you. 

By following the steps explained here, you can stand a marvellous chance of improving the ASO of your app and stand out among millions of app on play store.

With the help of these app store optimization strategy, you can have a successful app with lots of visibility and downloads. 

Therefore go ahead and now implement the optimization techniques to get the best results out of your app.

I hope you have liked the article The Ultimate Guide 2020: Tips to Optimize the App (On Meta Data Page).

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Happy Reading.

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