How to Convert Leads Into Customers for Your eCommerce Store

Are you wondering why your store’s traffic is not reflecting in your sales? 

Customers visiting your website won’t matter, if they are not purchasing anything from your store. The only positive takeaway here is, there are many eCommerce stores out there that face this issue.

Still, many store owners are wondering how to nurture their leads to the bottom of the sales funnel. Sometimes, just an email won’t be enough, you just need to nudge them a little more. 

There are many tactics out there that can help you push/convert leads into customers and here we’ve listed some of those best tactics to help you out.

How to Convert Leads Into Customers for Your eCommerce Store

Sending enticing Customer Emails

You might be wondering, you just said ‘Just an email won’t be enough’ so why are you starting with emails, then?

What we meant was, sending a single email just won’t cut it, you need to send a series of emails at regular intervals and bring your leads close to conversion.

So, what type of emails should we start with?

Never make the mistake of sending a discount or coupon code right away. It might seem too desperate and typical. It is always a good practice to start by sending a series of welcome emails.

Welcome emails must introduce the product/service to the customers and it should also try to educate them through blogs, ebooks and newsletters. 

After receiving the email, customers should feel happy to have found your store and they should be ready to know more about how your store can benefit them.

Now you may wonder, what if the customer doesn’t respond to your welcome email.

And this is why we said that it is better to send a series of emails instead of one. If it is just one email, then you must stack every detail and offers into one single email, that will not look professional.

If the customer doesn’t respond to the welcome email, wait for a few days and then send an email with an offer or a psychological trigger to entice them.

Reach out to their pain and pleasure points

When a customer visits an eCommerce store, the primary thing that they’ll be looking for is, how your store can change their lifestyle?

So, you should be ready with the answer. You must show how you can make their life easier before they bounce off from your store.

What are pain points?

Pain points are the issues that your leads are possibly facing in the eCommerce marketplace. Like, 

  • High product prices
  • No coupon codes
  • No proper customer service
  • Poor product quality
  • Poor return policy

These are some of the pain points that your customers are already facing, now your store should be able to address these pain points and offer them better deals.

Providing what the leads are looking for is the best way to convert them into your loyal customers. 

But how will you figure out their pain points?

Simple, by sending them emails and asking questions. This will be a good 2nd email to send after the welcome email. Ask the leads what their problems are and offer a solution through your store/product.

This is how you convert your leads into customers by addressing their pain points.

Offer Exclusive Discounts

One of the major pain points that most leads face is the unavailability of discounts. Reports say that many customers lose their interest in purchasing a product due to the lack of discounts.

This is where you can jump in and convert your leads. You can offer discounts in two ways.

1. Send emails and tell the customers that they can earn a discount if they purchase a product now.

2. Display discounts in your store based on the customer data so that you target only the leads and not your regular customers.

But before you start sending your email there are two things you need to do,

1. Building an email list

2. Segmentation

Be sure to build your email list consisting of potential leads and segment them based on the buyer persona and sales funnel.

Only then you’ll know which lead to target using discount emails. If your leads are at the top stage of the sales funnel, then you can easily push them to the bottom using discount emails.

Make good use of Psychological Triggers

Every eCommerce customer has a trigger that can influence their purchase tendencies. By leveraging those triggers you can easily convert your potential leads into customers. 

How to influence them using triggers?

Send emails as part of the conversion series, including psychological triggers in those emails to create FOMO. This will encourage the lead to purchase a product and get converted.

This email creates a sense of urgency by using ‘This weekend only’ as a trigger. Leads will rush to purchase the product before they miss out on the offer.

You can see, not only are they creating a sense of urgency, they are also offering free shipping as a discount, a brilliant persuasion tactic. 

You can use either discounts or psychological triggers as a part of your conversion email campaign.

Display Reviews and Testimonials

Nothing influences a customer’s purchase decision like a testimonial from their peers or fellow customers.

Displaying your reviews and testimonials in your eCommerce store has many benefits, it increases the trustability of your store, it boosts your brand awareness and most importantly it increases conversions. 

Leads with pain points can get encouraged through your customer reviews and can get converted into a customer. 

The statistics also checks out, it says that 92% of customers look for customer reviews in an eCommerce store before they make a purchase. It also says that there was a 350% increase in conversions due to reviews. 

Another interesting work that user reviews can do for you is that sometimes they can answer customer queries by themselves. 

It’ll boost customer’s confidence in your store and once they start trusting in your store they’ll automatically purchase from you and become your loyal customer.

Nowadays displaying reviews on websites has become routine for eCommerce/SaaS websites to increase their conversions.

So, if your goal is to make your high traffic reflect on your sales then you have got to display customer reviews on your site. 

Use Blogs to Educate your leads

Blogging has become a go-to strategy for many businesses to promote their products, educate their customers and also to increase their conversions. 

Blog posts also help you to increase your traffic and achieve better conversion rates.

Instead of investing expense in marketing methods to increase conversions, businesses have started blogging, as they are cheap and can engage with the customers better.

Sometimes a lead will have doubts about their purchase or about your brand. In those cases, you must educate them of the benefits they can earn through your store.

And writing blogs is the easiest way to do it. You can increase your inbound marketing through blogging.

So, if you are looking for a way to push your leads to the bottom of the funnel then you must not miss out on writing blogs.

Don’t keep your Leads waiting

Last but most important, never keep your leads waiting. The more you keep your customer waiting, the more likely they are to leave your store.

This happens commonly when your email list is overloaded, your emails will find it hard to reach the inboxes of your leads. The only way to tackle this issue is by using CRM software.

An ordinary email blast using Gmail or other conventional email platforms might be too underpowered to carry out this task.

So, it is better for you to invest in an email service provider to make your emails reach your leads at the right time to convert them.

Reports say that you should act quickly and reach out to your leads within 48 hours after they visit your store. Only then you’ll be able to convert them or you’ll be losing your sales.

Wrapping Up

Your store getting high traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting more sales. Sometimes customers might just be wandering around stores to find the right one that suits their lifestyle. So, it is your responsibility to convert your store’s visitors into customers and here are some of the best tactics that you can use to encourage them to complete a purchase. 

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