How To Recover Abandoned Carts

Anyone who is dedicated to online sales and analyzes the traffic of their eCommerce will realize the great problem that abandoned carts pose. For those of you who don’t know what it is, an abandoned cart is a customer who has visited your store, has been interested in a product by adding it to their purchase but has finally chosen not to pay for it.

These are more common than they seem and affect all online stores, whether you are Amazon or a local store.

However, everything has its positive side and that of abandoned carts is that they have a solution. You have to be very clear about two points: the customer who has abandoned the purchase has a great interest in our product and if they have finally decided not to buy it, it is for a reason. Do we know which one? Identifying the reason is the first step to apply the necessary improvements in your online store and thus be able to reduce the number of abandoned carts. But, what happens if what I want is to recover all those who have already decided not to finish the purchase?

Below we tell you the best techniques to recover abandoned carts and what kind of messages you should send to get your client to complete the purchase that he did not make in his day.

How to recover abandoned carts

As we have mentioned previously, a user has introduced our product in their cart is a sign that they have a great interest in purchasing it. Knowing the reasons why you have abandoned the purchase is essential to improve our eCommerce, but if what we want is to get that specific customer to end up paying for the product, we need to remind them that it is there. In order to persuade you, there are two fundamental techniques: retargeting advertising and abandoned cart email.

The objective of both techniques is the same: convert all those customers who have already carried out actions in your online store. However, there are big differences between them, such as the cost of their implementation or the channels used to communicate with users. Below we explain everything you need to know about them to decide between one or the other

Retargeting advertising

Surely you have ever come across ads on Instagram or Facebook of products that you wanted to buy but that you have finally abandoned in your shopping cart. Does it ring true? This is what is known as retargeting advertising and it is one of the most effective abandoned cart recovery techniques.

Of the entire Internet population, most of them use social networks on a daily basis, which ensures great visibility. But if we apply retargeting advertising, we will focus our ads on a single audience , those who have abandoned the purchase. These campaigns are going to be very striking and their visual content guarantees a higher click-through rate.

Undoubtedly, this strategy requires a greater investment than Email Marketing, but most of the time it involves a high return on investment. In order to segment our audience, we need to use the Facebook Pixel, an essential tool to find all those customers who have abandoned the purchase process.

Abandoned cart email

The purpose of the abandoned cart email is very simple: prepare a series of totally personalized emails that remind the customer of the products they have left in the cart and encourage them to complete the purchase.
This technique is undoubtedly one of the most effective, mainly due to its
personalized capture. Making our customer feel unique and special will undoubtedly increase the chances that they will complete the purchase, but we must take into account some fundamental aspects for this type of email marketing to work correctly:

● Always ask for the email at the time of registration or during the purchase
process: If we do not obtain the personal data of our client, we will not be able to analyze who has abandoned the purchase and therefore, we will not be able to send them any reminder.

● Send several recovery emails. It is advisable to divide our emails into two or three different ones. Short, concise, and non-intrusive copies are essential to attract attention by email. For this we could send, for example, a first reminder email, a second email inquiring about the reasons for abandonment and highlighting the benefits of the forgotten product and a third email promoting the purchase with a call to action.

● The timing of the shipment is essential. In order to close the sale, we should not take more than two days to send these emails. It would be advisable to send the first one no later than two hours after abandoning the cart and if you decide to send another email, do it the next day.

Cart recovery email: essential elements

Practically all eCommerce have integrated tools that are responsible for sending this type of emails automatically. However, you can still go a step further and apply the best Email Marketing techniques to your email, such as offering coupons and discounts, asking your client the reasons for their abandonment, or even resorting to a sense of humor to create a relationship much more informal with your client.

If you don’t have a Palbin store and you don’t have an automated email sending tool, don’t worry! Next, we are going to explain all the elements that you must include in your email to transform all those interrupted orders into possible conversions.

Striking and concise subject

This element is essential since it will depend on whether the client opens the mail or decides to send it to the trash. We must create an attractive, clear and very concise subject that has enough information so that the client knows its content at all times.

Short, personalized and persuasive message

The abandoned cart recovery email is essential to be very visual to attract attention. For this, the copy must be as short as possible and of course, we must personalize it with the name of the client to whom it is addressed. We recommend writing the content persuasively so that the reader feels a certain sense of urgency that encourages them to finalize the purchase.

Design aligned with the brand image

In the same way that our online store and our social networks share the same colors and brand identity, in email marketing we must apply the same practice and of course, before sending the final email, make sure that all images are seen correctly.

Include CTA buttons

The Call To Action is essential to achieve the conversion we are looking for.
Including interactive buttons that direct the customer directly to the final purchase is, without a doubt, one of the best strategies to improve the user experience and for the user to complete the purchase in the shortest time possible.

Responsive configuration

Imagine that you open an email from your mobile and it does not appear correctly. You would directly send it to the recycle bin and surely, you would not reopen any email from the brand from which we received it. Any of our customers can check their email from multiple devices, so it is essential that our cart recovery email is optimized for both computers and smartphones, and tablets.

Transmit trust and transparency

One of the main reasons why a customer leaves the purchase process is a lack of information. We recommend that before sending the email you have applied in your online store all the necessary techniques to reduce the number of abandoned carts, among which are included in this aspect to describe very well the characteristics of our products as well as explain the return policy of clear way. To convey greater confidence, you can include within the body of the cart recovery email some positive evaluations of the specific product.

Automation of abandoned cart email

Saving time and effort is essential in any eCommerce, that is why not only techniques are applied to improve the user experience in it but also to facilitate the work of the business owner. Can you imagine what it would cost to create a list of customers who have abandoned the shopping cart and manually send them a recovery email? Although the Email Marketing strategy works, it can be difficult to maintain, especially if we have a large store or do not have much time.

This is where the automation of abandoned cart email comes into play, essential to guarantee delivery times, save work, and earn money.

There are numerous tools that we can integrate into our eCommerce to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails, such as Hubspot or Mailchimp.


Abandoned carts are affecting all online stores and may incur great losses if not acted upon. Of course, it is impossible to recover all the interrupted orders that are generated in our eCommerce, but applying the appropriate techniques can be able to recover a very interesting volume of orders.

Depending on the product you have, the budget you have, and the channels you prefer to communicate with your customer, you will be interested in applying the abandoned cart email technique or retargeting advertising.

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