What is Social Proof? How Important is it in eCommerce Marketing?

Social proof is a trending marketing technique that has been known to increase conversion rates online up to 130%. That’s a huge amount and it’s all up for grabs.

Social proof is nothing new, business owners have been using social proof to boost sales and increase the market from the beginning.

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What is social proof?

Social proof plays with the psychology of the human mind by implementing that a product or a service is the best if it is being used by many people.

We are often tempted to try out a new product rather than our usual solely based on the positive reviews, testimonials, and popularity surrounding it.


Because we believe that a thing being used or followed by the masses must be the best or the right thing to do. 

You can also use social proof to increase your brand’s popularity and sales easily. Thus, we have prepared this complete guide for you to help you devise the perfect strategy and choose the perfect tools to carry out this task.

Importance of Social Proof for eCommerce Stores

People often wonder how social proof is such a success for online stores, and the results are indeed immediate and amazing.

Social proof is solely based on how the human mind works, for example, when you are unfamiliar with a brand or a product, you immediately look for reviews or ratings to help decide the value of the product.

Similarly, an opinion from an expert or a trusted friend could be the nudge your potential customer needs to complete the purchase. 

There are many ways you can showcase social proof on our eCommerce platform, for example, social shares, follows, best sellers, testimonials, ratings and reviews, real-time activity, influencer marketing, and much more. 

The social proof technique uses your uncertainty against you and provides you with the perfect review at the right time to convert you.

Some major advantages of social proof are listed below.

Here is a list of the Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins to help you choose the best one for your site. 

Increases conversion rates

More than 90% of the consumers have stated that positive reviews and recommendations from friends and families have helped them decide on a product or brand.

Thus, social proof has made this job immensely easier, by seeing real-time activity and ratings on your homepage, people will be more likely to convert. 

Boost sales

As the conversion rate increases, sales automatically increase. Social proof is a great way to increase sales and generate increased revenue on your website. 

Builds trust and credibility

Social proof also helps in increasing the lifetime value of a customer. When you display social proof through social share links, ratings, reviews, certifications, etc, this builds trust and credibility in your customers regarding your brand and they are more confident in purchasing from you.

These lifetime customers become an indispensable part of your business as they help in widening your market by referring your products to others. 

The disadvantage of Social Proof

As we use social proof to increase sales and conversion rates by showcasing customer’s positive reviews and ratings on social media, similarly, a negative review can also gain the same type of attention and undoubtedly even more on these platforms.

When you use social media platforms to market your products, you have to be careful about customer support. A bad review could have a huge impact on your business and thus it is important to deal with it promptly in a respectful manner. 

With everything on display, people can also see the downsides of your website, such as a low follower count, few subscribers, smaller reach, etc. 

The Perfect Strategy for Showing Social Proof on your Online Store

The disadvantage associated with social proof is a major one, thus you need the perfect strategy to define when and which social proof marketing technique to employ on your website.

We have listed below some of the most effective social proof techniques that are sure to get you the results.

Let’s get started!

Real-time Activity

One of the most frequently used social proof techniques is showcasing real-time activity on your website.

When a customer is browsing your site, they are constantly getting updates of recently bought products, new subscribers, best sellers, etc. It is an effective marketing tool as it helps in decision making and creating urgency in your customers into completing a purchase.

User Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content is the most effective way to gain your customers’ trust and confidence.

This is the type of content including video, review, photos, etc. that are generated by the user rather than the brand themselves. Businesses often share and use the customers’ content on their websites to build credibility in their brand.

Consumers are more likely to view user-generated content and act on it. This also helps in increasing sales and authentically promoting your brand. 

Celebrity/Influencer Marketing

Celebrities do endorsements for brands all the time but social media integration has taken this to a whole new level.

Now you can find celebrities doing endorsements authentically and organically by sponsoring your product on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

It’s a subtler type of marketing and has a wider customer reach than doing ads and billboards.

Similarly, influencer marketing has become a new and effective trend of social proof.

Here brands hire people or influencers who have gained a huge follower count on their Instagram and other social media accounts. The best thing about hiring influencers is that they target a specific market, they have amazing customer engagement which will help in building trust, and they are cost-effective as well.

You can ask influencers to generate personalized posts, customer journeys, unboxing videos, etc. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the oldest form of social proof and are still being used today. Consumers are more likely to assess reviews and ratings before trying a new product or brand.

Thus, showcasing customer reviews and testimonials on your homepage, product page, etc is a great way to increase sales and conversion rates. 

Social Media Shares and Followers

Social media is a powerful tool and you need to take advantage of it. You can showcase social proof through social media share links, followers, and subscribers count. This helps your customer know how popular your brand is, how many people trust it, and how connected are you with your audience.

All of these things are a must to increase sales and promotions. But this could also easily backfire if you have a low follower count, thus, this should only be employed as you are constantly growing or already have a huge customer base. 

The Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins


Fomo is a complete marketing tool that enables you to build trust and credibility with its amazing features. The Fomo social proof plugin is equipped with a theme builder that has many premade
templates available that you can easily customize. It also showcases real-time activity and subscriptions on your website to entice customers to do the same. 

Key Features

 Enables customers to see a live social proof on your website. 

 Set page rules and control what visitors can view.

 Theme builder with premade templates.

 Provides detailed insights. 

 Fomo scorecard helps you track your sales and conversion rate goals.
To download, click here.


The ProveSource plugin for WooCommerce consists of many beneficial features that can help you gain new customers and increase sales. ProveSource connects with your WordPress

WooCommerce websites and showcases recent purchases, real-time activity, popular products, and live traffic in the form of popups on your website.

Key Features

 Show real-time traffic, the number of orders, recent purchases by popups.

 You can customize the color, position, and size of the popup.

 Customers can click on the popup and be redirected to the product page shown.

 Mobile optimized plugin. 

To download, click here


The Nextsale plugin enables you to add on-page notification and exit-intent popups to increase sales and convert visitors. It consists of multiple features such as Social Proof Popup, Promo Popup, Promotions and Discounts, and Top Bar.

Key Features

 The Social Proof Popup shows real-time activity on your site, active customers, and recent purchases.

 The Promo  Popup is used to convert customers just as they are about to leave your site by offering discounts and retaining emails for the future.

 The Top Bar feature is used to showcase on-going sales, coupons, or vouchers available.

  Offer your customers amazing discounts and offers by popups to retain them.

To download, click here.


If you want to increase the lifetime value of your brand and customers, social proof is the way to go.

Social proof helps you increase sales, conversions rates, and build brand credibility all by being honest about your marketing. Social proof is a great way to increase your customers’ interest and grab their attention.

Showing honest reviews and ratings builds confidence and sales easily but it is also crucial to keep up with the quality. 

Social proof is a powerful tool and can be a great advantage for your business if used correctly. You can fully automate the social proof process by using plugins and see real-time results. We hope this article helped you out!

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