Benefits of Using PayKun Payment Link as a Small Busines

What if you DO NOT use a business website or mobile application to sell your services or products?

Or you have an offline store but are looking to provide the multiple online payment options to your customers.

There are various such scenarios in which the businesses would require to accept online payments, however, they do not have a medium such as a website or an app. The best option in such situations is PayKun payment link.

Thus, it is possible for businesses to use a payment gateway even without a website or app.

The customers would also find it convenient to pay with the PayKun links because they need not download any additional apps to make the payment or need not sign in to any apps again and again to make the payment.

They just have to open the link, which takes them to the payment gateway, and then can proceed to pay with their desired options.

PayKun provides the best payment links as it is secured, reliable and efficient.

The customers can easily pay with their preferred option out of 120+ available payment methods. The best part is the payment processing will still be done through the payment gateway in the most secured manner.

PayKun is PCI DSS compliant which is the highest level of compliance and also follows AES (Encryption Standards).

PayKun Payment Links

It is the fastest and simplest way to accept online payments from customers.

The merchant sends the link to the customer through any possible mediums such as email, messenger, etc and the customer can make the instant payment with various payment modes such as credit cards, debit cards, wallets, net banking, UPI or QR code.

How to use the Payment Links?

Merchant Account with the PayKun payment gateway provides the best payment link options.

In other words, all the activated merchant account at PayKun Payment Gateway can collect domestic as well as international payments with the help of the payment links.

Below are the steps to create and send it:

  • Merchant Logs in to the Dashboard > Payment Links
  • Clicks on Create Payment Link
  • Adds details like the Amount and Payment Purpose
  • If the international services are activated on the merchant account, then merchant selects the currency for the customer (by default it would be INR).
  • For a single person the specified details like the first name, last name, email address, mobile number and notification method (email and/or mobile) can be added
  • Merchant can also set the expiry date

For the already created ready links, the merchant can simply copy/paste and send the links through the possible platforms.

For the individual user (single-user) the customer shall get the notification through email/mobile (as per the selected option at the time of creating the link).

In the case of the multiple-user settings, amount and purpose are to be entered and it is optional to set the expiry date.

Why should a business use the PayKun Payment Links?

It would benefit you and your customers both when you accept the payments using the best payment links in India facilitated by PayKun payment gateway.

Below are the points that provide a glimpse of the benefits of using the links:

  • On the spot payment – When the customer purchases the services or products, you can send the payment links there and there, then there will be no scope of abandoned carts. The customer would also get the notification about the payment requested and then they will open the link and go ahead with the payment. Also, the customers will not miss on any payments.
  • Online / Offline any stores, showrooms, etc – The best part of these links is that they are available for any type of businesses: online and best suited for offline.
  • Multiple payments – The merchant can send links to multiple customers and collect the bulk payments from so many customers at the same time.
  • Enable online payment after delivery – This could be the best benefit ever. You can provide the facility of the online payment after delivery of the products. And also ensure that the customer makes the payment.
  • No handling of the physical machines – You need not require an additional device to accept the payments. Nor will the customers have to wait while you swipe. The devices will enable your customer to pay with limited payment option wheres the links will provide more options as well as convenience.
  • Social commerce & Whatsapp payments – This social media world has given momentum to Social Commerce. Thus, links would be the best system for such businesses. They can DM or accept the Whatsapp Payments.
  • Records and monitoring of payments – These links will also reflect in the merchant dashboard of the PayKun Payment Gateway. The statuses of the transaction, settlements, refund, customers, etc can be tracked and monitored from the dashboard itself.
  • Accept payment and make payments from anywhere – The customer can also pay from the convenience of their home or wherever they are. Similarly, a merchant can accept the payments without requiring the customer’s physical presence.

You may register for the PayKun merchant account now and start accepting the payments with the links.

To know more about the registration process you may reach out at

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