Top 8 Social Media Platform to Sell Products Online

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In this article, I will provide you with the top Social Media Platform to Sell Products Online.

Are you starting with an eCommerce business?

Do you want to sell products on social media platform?

Do you wish to increase your sales & earn a high revenue?

If your answer is “Yes”, then you have landed to the right place.

As in this article, I will provide you with detailed information about the platforms where you can easily sell your products on social media.

“Selling through social channels is the closest thing to being a fly on the wall in your customer’s, prospect’s, and competitors’ world.”


With the fast-changing eCommerce industry, social media now plays a vital role not only to increase your sales but also to increase your day-to-day revenue and build strong connectivity between you & your customers.

So, in today’s digital world, you can easily take the advantages to sell products on social media and get ahead of your competition much faster.

Even though it might seem easy for you to sell products on social media, but to make sure that the products you sell on social media don’t get lost in the ocean of products you have to follow the right approach to sell products online.

You can either sell the products on social media by yourself or take the help of any social media expert who can help you sell products on social media.

If you’re new in the world of social media and know little about social media.

Don’t worry.

Here, I will tell you the meaning of social media and the top Social Media Platform that you can use to Sell Products.

So are you excited?

Stay up with me.

What are Social Media Platforms?

Social Media is an internet-based platform, where users can easily communicate & interact with friends, family, and relatives from all over the world.

Using social media is not only changing the lives of individuals, but it has also transformed the complete procedure of how businesses interact with the consumers regularly.

Besides this, as a business owner, you can also increase your visibility, promote your products or services, generate leads, and drive high sales either with the help of advertising or organically.

For Example, with the help of Influencer Marketing, more companies can easily advertise their products & services on social media.

To use social media effectively, you can follow the best practice that will allow you to market your business more efficiently with maximum profit.

Top 8 Social Media Platform to Sell Products Online


With over 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Facebook is among the Top social media platform worldwide.

Image Credit : Statista

Whether your goal is to increase the products sales or visibility of your products, facebook will always make a notable difference in reaching your business goals.

As facebook contains a wide user base from different geographic, demographics, psychographics & behavioral worldwide.

You can easily target your desired audience either with the paid advertising or approach them Organically to get in front of them.

Now, as a starter, if you think about how you can get in front of your audience? The answer is simple.

With the help of Facebook Page.

Yes. You have heard it Right.

Now, almost everyone creates a Facebook Page, be it businesses, brands, organizations, or public figures, to share, connect & sell products.

As you can see with the help of the Facebook Page of Limeroad.

facebook page limeroad example
Image Credit: Facebook

The brand sells its products on Facebook with the help of the Facebook page by creating an online store on its page.

So that when ever limeroad add up any new product, it can reach to its audience.

Similarly, you can also create a Facebook Page, or choose any other alternatives like Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketplace, Messenger & Facebook chatbot to sell your products on Facebook.

Whatsapp Business

With over 2.7 billion users for 2020 and an expected 2.87 billion for 2021. Whatsapp is another powerful platform to sell products.

whatsapp stats
Source : Statista

As with the help of WhatsApp, you can share & sell the products with your Friends, Family & other in your connections to increase your sales.

If you think about How, you can use WhatsApp to sell products. The answer is simple.

You can use the latest feature of WhatsApp to add the latest products to the Products catalogue with details like Product/Item Name, Price, Description, Link & Item Code.

whatsapp business product catalogue
Image Credit : Google

By adding the products on your Products catalogue, your customers can easily see the products and connect with you to buy the product.

Besides this, you can also sell products on Whatsapp Groups, share stories, Regularly inbox your customers for different products.


Instagram is one of my favorite social media platform where you can sell products online.

According to the Statista, India ranked second with over 100 Million Instagram Users ahead of Brazil with over 91MUsers.

So, with the millions of user base on WhatsApp, if you are still not familiar with the platform.

Let me tell you.

Instagram is among one of the most popular social network sites worldwide, mainly used by young adults, celebrities, athletes, small businesses, brands, companies &, etc where users can easily share their photographic content, short stories, and reels.

With the help of Instagram, advertisers can easily generate awareness among the users for the products & services businesses sell or deliver.

As you can see from the below Example of Myntra.

The Myntra – an e-commerce fashion brand in India, advertise their products on Instagram.

instagram marketing example
Image Credit: Instagram

Now, Million of followers on Myntra Instagram Page will get awareness about the “Big Fashion Festival” to buy products.

Similarly, if you are about to start an ecommerce business or already into the ecommerce business, you can start selling the products on Instagram.

Remember, before you sell on Instagram, create an Instagram business account and fulfill the basic requirement to start selling on Instagram.

Bonus: How do I create an Instagram account?


Another most popular site to sell products online is Pinterest. With over 400 million monthly active users on Pinterest, you can increase your sales effectively and efficiently.

You can sell products on Pinterest, either with the help of Organic Pinners or by creating an Ad campaign on Pinterest.

The different Ads that you can create on Pinterest are:

  1. Standard Pin Ads
  2. Carousel Ad
  3. Video Pins Ad
  4. Sopping Pins
  5. App Install Pins


I am sure you must be already familiar with the short video making platform TikTok.

With the Global audience of age group ranging in between 16-24. Tiktok is among the most downloaded app from the play store in India

tik tok stats
Source: Appinventiv

With the increase in the user base of netizens on TikTok, you can sell your products on TikTok.

Either you can create your own brand account or you can connect with the multiple TikTok influencers to promote your products or services.

For Example

India’s eCommerce giant Flipkart launched a campaign with a Hashtag #BigBillionStar on TikTok featuring its brand ambassadors – Virat Kohli, Alia Bhatt, MS Dhoni, and legend Amitabh Bachan where the campaign has successfully recorded over 8 Billion Views.

Similarly, you can also sell your products on TikTok with the help of Influencer Marketing, where you can easily generate brand awareness, increase visibility of brand, etc.

Note: Even though TikTok is a ban in India, you can use the TikTok alternatives to promote products.


Linkedin is a Professional network platform where you can build a strong direct relationship with your customers.

If you are into B2B business, Linkedin is a place for you to promote and sell products on Linkedin.

linkedin stats
Source: 10digital

Like other social media platforms, you can post and share engaging content on Linkedin & also take part in industry discussions to stay ahead of your competition.

To sell products on LinkedIn, you can make a company page and promote products & services with the help of the Linkedin advertisements.

Bonus: How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Grow Your Business


Another social media platform where you can sell products is YouTube.

YouTube is most popularly known as the second search engine after Google worldwide.

As you can see from the below stats, YouTube has over 2.0 Billion monthly active users.

As YouTube has a wide audience worldwide, it becomes easy for the sellers to sell products on YouTube.

To sell products on YouTube, you can either make a YouTube Channel for your business & promote products or services with the help of videos.

In case, if you didn’t want to create your channel, you can connect with multiple YouTubers to make your products sell.

Google My Business

Yes. You can sell products on Google My Business. With the launch of Google My Business Product Editor, you can list your products on Google My Business.

To sell products on Google My Business, you need to provide the basic information of the product like Price, description, Category, Button like Buy or Learn More.

But before you build a strategy to sell products on Google My Business, make sure you follow the Google Guidelines.

In case, if you still haven’t created an account on Google My Business, follow the certain Steps Sign up for Google My Business.


So, I hope you have enjoyed the article Top Social Media Platform to Sell Products Online.

You can use any of these social media to sell products online and increase your sales.

But before you sell products on these sites, make sure you follow the proper guidelines of each platform as it will help you generate more sales and you will get prevention from the strikes by these platforms.

If I have missed any of the platforms where you can sell products, do comments in the box below also you can mail me if you have any doubt regarding selling on social media.

Have a Happy Selling.

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