Top 12 SEO Blogs you should Read & Follow in 2021

In this article, you will get the top SEO blogs that you should read & follow in 2021.

Are you struggling to rank your website on the first page of SERP’s?

Are you looking for the top SEO blogs to read in 2021?

Then is the article for you.

In today’s fast-changing digital world, where everything changes within a second.

It is most important for you to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques, tips, and tricks to stay ahead of your competition & rank your website on SERP’s.

Whether you are an SEO expert or an SEO beginner, it is always mandatory for you to always get the additional information on how you can improve your site visibility, increase leads and get the most traffic from the search engine.

Therefore, to get the most relevant & quality information from the right sources become the key priority in the SEO world as one SEO mistake could lead to great loss for you and your website.

So to help you learn the SEO from beginning to advanced.

Here, I have listed down some top SEO blogs that I personally love and read from the starting of my career as a Digital Marketer.

Note: The following of top SEO blogs for 2020 & 2021 listed below are in no particular order. I’ll be updating the page whenever I find an SEO blog that’s really useful, so make sure you bookmark the page. 🙂

So, get a cup of tea and stay up with.

Top 15 SEO Blogs you should Follow & Read in 2020 & 2021

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land top SEO
Source : Search Engine Land

Started in 2006 by Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Land with its brilliant author’s, makes it easier for you to stay up to date with the new sources of the latest trends, feature announcements, latest news related to the SEO along with multiple modules like SEM, Local Search, SMM, etc.

So if you are new to learn SEO, I would recommend you to read the Search Engine Land blog regularly.

It is among one of the top SEO blogs that you should follow and read, as it already read by millions of users every day.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch - top seo blog
Source : Search Engine Watch

Just like Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan also founded Search Engine Watch back in 1996 but later sold it to a bigger company.

If you are looking to get the most relevant information related to Digital Marketing modules like SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social Media, Local SEO, Video SEO, etc then you should definitely bookmark the Search Engine Watch.

As the blog provides all the information well defined and will surely help you increase the search traffic.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable top seo blog
Source : Search Engine Roundtable

Founded by Barry Schwartz, in the year 2003, the Search Engine Roundtable is the most accurate source to locate the most conversational threads covered at the forums.

The Search Engine Roundtable aims to provide the latest updates from the search engine like Google Algorithm, ranking factors, link building to help you grow your website in the Search Engines.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal Blog
Source : Search Engine Journal

Another top SEO blog that you can follow and read is the Search Engine Journal.

Founded by Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal is among the community-based portal that comprises different Online Marketing Experts from all over the world who like to write & share their thoughts on Marketing.

So, if you are among someone who likes to read other thoughts to improve their marketing strategy, Search Engine Journal is for you.

With the change in the time, Search Engine Journal has built a strong reader base, and their articles have shared by hundreds of users across countries.

Moz Blog – SEO and Inbound Marketing Blog

Moz Blog
Source: Moz Blog

Now, another top SEO blog that I would highly recommend is Moz blog.

At the starting of my career, I have been following Moz Blog & I am just in love with the content, especially its “Whiteboard Friday” by Rand Fishkin where he provides in-depth lesson on SEO, Search Engines, Content Creation and many other topics related to grow your business.

Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in the year 2004 Moz blog as a SEOmoz, is an online community where you can get SEO experts talking & sharing their research and thoughts about the Marketing.

So, if you are deeply into the Search Engine Optimization, then Moz Blog is for you.

Searchmetrics Blog

Search metric blog
Source: Searchmetrics blog

Founded by Marcu Tober in the year 2005, the company owner started Search Metrics as a boutique digital agency

As time passes the Search Metrics become the top SEO blog that provides the well-researched data about SEO, Content Marketing with its various services like Content Marketing Services, SEO Consulting & Strategic Consulting.

Google Webmaster Blog

Google webmaster blog

Founded in 2002, the Next top SEO blog in my list is Google Webmaster Blog.

Google Webmaster Blog is the official blog of google where you can easily find all the latest updates, news, announcement and exclusive reports from the Google itself.

The major benefits to that you will get reading the Google Webmaster Blog is also provides its users with the latest insights and practical tips and techniques that will help you to boost your ranking enormously.

So, If you are someone who doesn’t want to miss anything related to Google Search Engine, then you should definitely bookmark the Google Webmaster Blog in your list.

SEO Blog by Ahrefs – Link Building Strategies & SEO Tips

Ahref Blog
Source : Ahref

Ahref is most commonly known as the best SEO tool to audit the Website.

Despite that, the top SEO blog Ahref also provides you with the most recent and useful information on On-page SEO, technical SEO. off Page SEO like Backlink index & much more.

Along with that, it also provides you with plenty of articles on topics like Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis & Rank tracking with their data-driven case studies that will help you enhance your SEO expertise.

The SEO, SEM, PPC and Content Marketing Blog – SEMrush

SEMRush Blog
Source: SEMRush

In the list of top SEO blog, another blog that comes is SEMRush.

Popularly known as the best competitive SEO analysis tools All Around the World.

SEMRush also provides you with all the informative articles about SEO, SEM, PPC, and Content Marketing that make it the most comprehensive source of SEO knowledge.

All the articles, ebooks, infographics &, etc on the SEMRush blog are written & published with the help of top editors in the SEO industry.

Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing

Neil Patel Blog
Source: Neil Patel

I am sure if you are into the blogging, SEO, content Marketing, PPC & etc then you must have heard about the SEO Guru, Neil Patel.

From all around the world, we popularly know Neil Patel as one of the most influential SEO experts who has given many seminars in the events and teach people about the SEO to grow their businesses.

If you are looking to read the best case-studies around the SEO & other marketing tactics, then you read and follow Neil Patel blog.

Besides Neil Patel’s blog, you can also learn the in-depth knowledge of SEO with the help of his regular podcasts and YouTube tutorials.

Backlinko: SEO Training and Link Building Strategies

Backlinko Blog
Source: Backlinko

If you are someone who is looking to take their blog to next level, then Backlinko is a place for you.

Backlinko the SEO blog founded by Brian Dean in 2012, covers the most relevant and authentic SEO tips that have helped many SEO beginners to increase their website traffic.

No matter whether you are an SEO beginner or an expert, with the help of Brian Dean blog backlinko, you can learn everything about SEO.

SEO blog • Yoast

Yoast Blog
Source: Yoast Blog

If you have been using the WordPress, then you must have also heard about the SEO Plugin by Yoast.

Yoast SEO plugin is a free word press plugin that helps you to optimize your content SEO friendly to boost your blog traffic.

Besides the Plugin, Yoast blog is also among the top SEO blogs that you should really follow & read in 2021, as it provides you with an in-depth tutorial about the technical SEO, WordPress, Analytics, Search Traffic & content strategies.


SEO is everyone’s cup of tea. You need to learn & implement daily to understand what works best & what doesn’t.

If you read & follow these blogs, I am sure you’ll get a better idea about the whole concept and will able to rank your website on the SERP’s.

In case, if I have missed out any of the top blog do comment on the box below and I will update it on my list.

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