Twitter Dictionary: 30+ List of Twitter Terms You Need to Know in 2020

If you are starting out with a Twitter Marketing, then this a gold mine opportunity for you to increase huge coverage and awareness for your brands.

With the brief life span and providing the defined character limit, twitter marketing can be a complex but effective & efficient way to get engaged with your audience.

With over 330 million active users on, twitter is considered a microblogging and social networking platform on which users can easily post and interact with any of the individuals.

Before we dive deep into the twitter marketing, let’s first understand all the basic twitter terms/glossary that you need to know.

Here is 50+ List of Twitter Terms You Need to Know in 2020


Symbolized as #. The hashtag is a hash mark used to identify a particular set of keywords or topics.

2. Mention

Symbolized as @. The sign is used to call out the people to whom you send a message or link to your profile.

3. Retweet

A retweet is a tweet you forward to your followers. It is used to pass some valuable news or another piece of information.


Just like your friends on Facebook. A follower on Twitter is another account that has followed you to receive Tweets in their Timeline.

5. Tweet

A tweet is an online message limited up to 280 characters. It may contain photos, GIFs, Videos, and Text.

6. In case you missed it

ICYMI shows you the tweet that has missed out by you.

7. Direct Message

Direct Message is the Private message that one twitter account sends to another twitter account. To send the direct message you need to become friends on twitter.

8. Modified Tweet

A Modified tweet is a tweet in twitter which lets your followers know that the tweet is not the same as the original tweet.

9. Moments

On twitter, Moments are the curated stories about What’s happening around the world – by your tweets.

10. Follow Friday

#FollowFriday is used to suggest the followers about the people whom they might be interested to follow.

11. Scheduled Tweet

Scheduled tweets are both organic and promoted tweets that can go live on a specific date and time.

12. Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics allows you to understand the analytics of your tweets like Engagement, Organic reach, Impressions and etc.

13. Promoted Tweets

Tweets that are being paid for by our advertisers. These tweets appear in your home timeline and marked as “Promoted”.

14. Tweet Impressions

Tweet Impressions is the number of times your tweet has been shown up in somebody else Timeline on Twitter. So, every time someone sees your impressions is a Tweet impression.

15. Top Media Tweets

Top Media (Photos, GIFs, Video) Tweets are basically the tweets that have received the highest number of Impressions

15. Home / Timeline / Feed

Just like Facebook Feeds. Twitter feed is an actual-time status where you see updates from the people you are following.

16. Trends / Trending Topic

Trending Topics are among the most popular topics that are being talked about the most at any certain period.

17. Avatar

Profile picture or an image you used to identify yourself and differentiate your twitter account from other twitter account is Avatar.

18. Favorite 

The favorite tweets are the ones you want to reference later. Another twitter account can also view your list of favorite tweets as well.

19. Username

Username is basically your own name on twitter. You can surely choose username up to 15 characters or fewer.

20. Klout 

A Klout score is a number scored between 0-100 that changes your influence to others. Klout Score is measured on Twitter, Facebook, and on Linkedin.

21. Alerts

The Twitter alert is a way to inform people during emergencies by highlighting critical times with notifications and a unique look to enable public safety agencies.

22. Bio

Twitter bio is a short (up to 160 characters) of your personal description that appears in your profile to characterize your persona on Twitter.

23. Block

Block on twitter is an option where your account cannot follow or another person can add you to tweet list besides this you will also not receive any notification if they mention you in a Tweet.

24. Follow Count

Follow count reflects how many people follow you on twitter and how many people you follow. You can see the following of an individual on the Twitter profile.

25. Parody

Parody is a twitter account that you can create to make fun of something in jest and fan accounts.

26. Pinned Tweets

You can pin any of your tweets to the top profile. Pinned tweets are displayed on the top of your profile page to keep it above the flow of ordered tweets.

27. Promoted Accounts

These accounts are basically the accounts that are being promoted by the advertisers. Promoted accounts appear in your Home Timeline in who to follow, search results on your timeline, and elsewhere on the platform.

28. Promoted Videos

Promoted Videos are the form of tweets the advertisers pay for. These videos appear in your Home Timeline, at the top of search results on Twitter, and elsewhere on the platform.

29. Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends are the trends promoted by the advertisers. These trends mostly appear at the top of the trending topics list on twitter and elsewhere on the platform.

30. Protected Tweets

Protected tweets are the tweets that only your followers can see.

31. Retweet with comment

Retweet with comments happens when you retweet someone’s tweet with an option to add your comments, photos, or a GIF’s.

32. Thread

A twitter thread is a series of tweets from one person posted on twitter connecting to one another and can read as one continuous post.


So, these are the twitter glossary that you need to know before you dive into the twitter marketing.

In case if I have missed out any of the terms on Twitter.

Do comments below.

Thank you.

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